This is a record of all of the cute and funny terms I can remember that entered our household speech from things our children said when they were learning to speak.

aw, guy!: from Dumbo where Timothy says, "poor little guy". Charlie would always say, "Aw, guy!" at this point.
bird seeder: from bird feeder.
came: candy.
cell-o-phone: cellular telephone.
clean washer: car wash.
cool car: small, blue cars.
cop'm: pop-corn.
dack-a-row-row: see da-da-rain-rain.
da-da-rain-rain: macaroni.
ear mugglers: the special wrap-around ear muffs Rick got for us.
funderstorm: thunderstorm.
hames: hands
hy-jammers: pajamas.
hmp! yes.
gleary: an adjective applied to eyes when your vision is blurred.
labtop: laptop computer.
liggazine: limousine.
mee mee: meeting.
meh meh: medicine
muppies: the jowls of a boxer dog.
muzzler: the gentle leader dog harness -- see "nose muggler".
nose muggler: a new term for muzzler.
owg'm: water. Probably from 'akvo' the Esperanto word for water.
oh-came: ice cream. Probably related to came.
peems: peanuts.
poik-poik: some icky stuff to put on people (probably related to pony blood)
raccally: how your head feels when a chill runs up your neck.
so-so: soda (Coca Cola actually)
segull: eagle
sneeze: the sound that a truck makes when it releases its air brakes

Of course when Daniel was little he had trouble pronounceing the letter "L". He would pronounce these words like they were Y's. The best examples of this were when he said, "I want yucky charms" and "When I was yittle, I yiked yavender yemonade."

True exchange:
"Do I have to read? I worked SO HARD today!"
"You played with (your friend) and you vegged out like an animal"
"It's a mixed metaphor..."
Obviously there was no point in trying to recover...

When kids go to bed, we would always say this to each other: G'night, sleep tight, sweet dreams, don't let the bugs bite, never eat spinach with a stranger, don't take any wooden dog biscuits, don't do anything I wouldn't do, never trust a whale with a flamethrower, never trust a penguin with a chain saw, never trust a whale-shaped flamethower made out of penguin-shaped chainsaws.