Chapter 7

In Which Plato Makes Friends

Andy and Bobo

Plato and I started going to the Mill River Recreation Area over the course of the past year and soon met Andy and Bobo other other boxers. In this picture, Plato is leaning up against Andy, Bobo is lying on the grass and Lucy is looking on. Andy brings Bobo to Mill River practically every day. Plato and Bobo seemed to bond instantly and go together everywhere. There are several other boxers that come regularly to Mill River, including Lucy.


Plato and Bobo always have a great time playing together. They run and jump and box one another playfully. Bobo is small, but very muscular and quick. And a boxer through and through. Andy has worked intensively with him and he's one of the best trained boxers I've ever seen. Bobo is very closely tuned to Andy and obeys him without thinking.

Bobo particularly likes chasing sticks. Andy breaks off the largest sticks he can find (more like small logs) and flings them into the thickest underbrush and deepest water. Bobo brings them back instantly and lies down in the path looking back and forth between the stick and Andy until he throws it again.


Andy loves to roughhouse with the boxers and Plato loves it. It makes me glad I took the time to socialize Plato so that he understands mouthplay and knows not to get too rough. Plato always comes home exhausted after his adventures at Mill River.

Revised 10/21/2001 Brewer