Chapter 8

In Which Plato Becomes a Good Citizen

Citizen Plato

Plato has always minded me better than anyone else. Lucy (my mom) takes him for walks even more often than I do, but he has been less willing to take direction from her and sometimes jumps on her. Alisa and I finally talked her into taking him for obedience lessons. Plato was already pretty well behaved, but we hoped that he would be more likely to mind her if he was used to having her work with him.

After several months of effort, they completed the course and they were given the opportunity to take the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Test. To Alisa's chagrin, he passed! Now Alisa is angling to get some video of him jumping on someone to try to get his citizenship revoked.

Plato's Theme Song

The other day Philip (my brother) said that he was working on a theme song for his cat. You might wonder why someone would work on a theme song for their cat, but not me -- I was happy to point out that our neighbor had been impressed last year when she learned that Plato had his own theme song. I thought I had mentioned this fact to Philip, but he didn't seem to remember it and asked for an mp3. So here is an mp3 of a chorus singing Plato's theme song. Listen at the end to hear Plato joining in!

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