Chapter 9

In Which Plato Dreams of Visting the Farmer's Market

Plato Dreams of Visting the Farmer's Market

Plato's lies around most of the week dreaming of Saturday -- his favorite day of the week, when we go downtown to take a walk, and visit the farmer's market. His muppies get all frothy thinking of all the delicious delicacies and delightful odors that ensnare the senses and entrance the muzzle.

A Dream Come True

When we arrive downtown, we walk through the farmer's market first and visit all of Plato's friends. An elderly couple selling vegetables always recognize Plato and regale us with stories about the boxer he had growing up Riptide Wrinkle, who beat up a commanding officer's dog, stole a 26lb turkey, and used to "tackle girls".

After a turn through the market, we walk through the rest of the town. We always walk past Antonio's Pizza -- Plato loves their pizza and frequently finds discarded slices on the sidewalk. He picks them up, gives them a little shake (to break their necks, I think), and then engulfs them whole. Sometimes he finds sausages too. Once the students have left, the pickings are slim.

Sometimes we stop at Raos for a cup of coffee. Plato doesn't drink coffee, although he likes the company. He usually gets bored before we're finished, though.

Plato Notices Another Dog

Plato's favorite activity is spotting other dogs. You can't see the other dog, but Plato knows its there. Some dogs are OK, but sometimes Plato encounters one of his two arch enemies. One is Rocky, who lives in our neighborhood -- a big black dog. They can't see one another in the same block without growling and snarling. This morning, we saw his other archenemy while we were in Hastings -- a hideous white standard poodle, who came up behind him while he was distracted by another dog. He nearly had a conniption fit. It must be hard to be male dog and have to carry that giant ego around all the time.

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